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Pit Stop

-Turbo Coupe EEC-IV Troubleshooting Codes
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-Maintenance Tips For The Turbo Coupe
-1987/88 Turbo Coupe Factory Options
-More Turbo Coupe Performance Specs.
-A Quick and Free Mod To Get More Fuel To The Turbo Coupe
-1987 Car Comparison Results

'87-'88 Factory Stock Specifications

     Front-engine, rear-drive;
     2-door 5-passenger sedan 
     Wheelbase F/R 58.1/58.5 in 
     2.3L IL4 OHC, EFI ,Turbocharged       
     Horsepower: 190 @ 4600 
     Torque: 240 @ 3400 
     F/R: 10.9 in. vented disc/10.2 in. vented disc 
     Manual: Borg Warner T-5 
     Automatic: Ford A4LD 
  PERFORMANCE (Motor Trend) 
     0-60: 8.59 sec. 
     1/4 mile: 16.48 sec @ 85.1 mph
     Braking 60-0: 134 ft.
     Lateral Acceleration: 0.82 g
     Top Speed: 143 mph
  PERFORMANCE (Road & Track) 
     0-60: 8.5 sec.
     1/4 mile: 16.3 sec. @ 84.5 mph
     Braking 60-0: 138 ft.
     Lateral Acceleration: 0.79 g
     Top Speed: 142 mph

     1987 had arrived and development of the Thunderbird
     SuperCoupe, a successor to our TurboCoupes, was not 
     complete. Ford decided to insert the 1987-1988 
     redesigned Thunderbird TurboCoupe into their lineup 
     as a spacer, to allow for finished production of 
     the SuperCoupe for model year 1989. This new T-Bird
     combined a new front valence and rear-end with a few  
     more tricks underhood to produce the ultimate stock 
     TurboCoupe. The addition of intercooling significantly 
     increased power output. The addition of rear disc 
     brakes increased braking ability. Hood vents and a 
     sloped front end gave this Thunderbird a bird-like 
     appearance, in addition to plenty of power to play.