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Magic Shadow Shapes
purpdinomy hero
Please be patient....Loading slowly....Extinct, you know!

It's very sad that dragons
Are (generally) extinct;
Just a myth or a fairy-tale
Kept alive with pen'n ink.

And the dinosaurs all vanished;
Before we came along;
We only guess at how they looked;
We never heard their song.

Now, from the "Magic" pages,
I have a treat in store..
A wandering stranger happened by
And rapped upon my door.

I'd like you to meet ....Will
"Sir William of the Lancets "
...his friends call him Will...

He's off on a journey to try to discover
what happened to all the others..
the dragons, the dinosaurs
Where are the dancing frogs, now?
(you hardly ever see that anymore!)
to sleep

"Dinosaurus slumberuszzz"

the journey continues...

To outer space we sent our ships
To find new worlds to travel,
Not satisified with Martian rust and dreary lunar gravel.
Explorers came to Venus, her secrets to unravel
(It's no worse than Los Angeles, at least).

the alien

We made our camp on Venus in the peaks of Aphrodite
We built two pressure domes and named them "High" and "Mighty"
Our crops grew up on Thursday, ‘cause we planted them on Friday,
And at dawn we cut them down and had a feast.

The pressure domes are cozy things, with little room to rumpus,
Our telescopes don't work too well and neither does our compass.
The atmosphere weighs down like an elephant set to stomp us,
If the plastic ever cracked or bent or creased.

The day we dug the ruins up, I thought that I was dreaming
As I looked down and saw the heaps of spraycan nozzles gleaming.
Her underarm deoderants left Venus hot and steaming
As the chloroflurocarbons were released.

We read it in the records of that old Venusian city,
‘Til they discovered styrofoam, their world was cool and pretty;
They may have seen it coming and it really is a pity,
Those refusing to desist are now deceased.

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Will'n Golightly visiting from Malathar's Place

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