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Urban Fairies

bushUrban Fairiesbush

I make my home where the streetlight glows pink,
And I'll bet that's where you make yours;
Where the grass and the trees count on sprinklers to drink,
And there's not too much room between doors.

Wee folk aren't seen much here, it's true,
But the fact is they've always been shy,
And they can be found if you know what to do
And just where to look low and high.

urban fairies
Now the median fairy makes up his fine home
In the shrubs of the highway divide,
Using only the finest of car parts and stones;
The shiny bits give him much pride.

So now you know where the wee folk live today;
They sneak round right under your nose.
But you can still find them and watch them at play
Near you, where the pink street light glows.



The spirits of fire and air live up high;
In the smokestacks and chimneys they dwell.

These small elementals look like sparks that fly
And dance in a merry pell-mell.

tree elf

The tree spirits live within every back yard
And make mischief stopping up drains,
And sing with the wind like the finest of bards
To join the drumbeat of the rain.

And the gnomes have always loved passages deep
So the storm drains are their homes of late

And they play with the balls dropped to them from the street
And howl at the moon through the grate.

From "The Puzzlebox", Lyrics by Paul

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"Urban Fairies" created March 22, 2000
A Made From Scratch (MFS) Made in CanadaCanadian Product
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