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Your Birthstone!

Dearest D'licious Fairy!! Your spirit shines so bright!! We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you the most magical of birthdays, and hope that you have many many happy returns of the day!!

Stephen Stephanie Candance
These are the July Birthday Fairies!! Adopted straight out of DRealm! They had names, but I took the liberty of renaming them Stephen, Candance & Stephanie!!

Adopt your own Birthday Fairy!!

Another Little Family
This beautiful mother Pegasus with her babies wanted to come stay with you also! She has come all the way from Starluck's Sweet Water Nymph's just to wish you a Happy Birthday!!

Thank you Starluck

Wish D'licious Fairy a Happy Birthday! Get your own Free Spiritbook! Take a peek at D'licious Fairy's Birthday wishes!

A Spirit Flower For You!

D'licious Fairy, I grew this Spirit Flower just for you! I'll have you know it is only the second one that hasn't wilted on me *G*.

July Fairy!

Click on the little July Fairy,
and she will take you to your birthday gifts!

Thank you Angel!

Thank you Lady Java!