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There is only one thing worse than death, and that is physical torture. Death is something in my future that I have to live with. This realization makes me very unhappy.

My first contact with death came in 1969 when I was not quite 5 years old. My 11 year old cousin had fallen from a moving hay truck and had died of massive head injuries. I remember seeing this person I had played with time and time again, in this light blue coffin. I remember he was wearing a suit and he was so still. I was so young I really didn't understand. I just knew that I'd never see him again and that my Aunt kept screaming.

My next experiences with death came in a 4 year period. Twenty-six of my friends, died in various accidents. There were many more deaths of kids my age during those four years, they weren't friends of mine though. Most of my friends died in auto accidents, one died by bleeding to death from a head injury sustained after he hit his head in a low stairwell, one was found shot in the head. One auto accident took 5 of my friends at one time. One auto accident I stood by as they hauled one of my best friends, dead, out of the mangled car. It was at this time, close to the end of the 4 years that I really became aware of my own mortality and how awful death really was. I have to tell you, I moved from this small country town. I thought if I stayed that I too, would die. Even after I left this place, the deaths continue.

My next experience with death came in 1990. This is the most personal experience I have had. My best friend's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989. She put up a courageous fight and I was with her as often as I could be. A little over a year later she lost the battle. I, with her family, had been at the hospital in shifts for a week, when she died I was next to her bed. It will have a very profound effect on me for the rest of my life.

My grandfather died in 1990.

My husband's great-grandmother died in 1994.

My daughter has recently had here first touch of death. A very good friend of hers was killed in a car wreck.

If you've read the main story on my Dogs Page you know about my experience with a number of stray's deaths.

When my husband's dog Yeti died, I was giving him CPR and mouth to nose.

I must tell you, death terrifies me. At this point in history, there is nothing more final. Death comes in many, many different forms, and none of them is something I want to happen to my body.

People that believe in various gods and deities have it easy. It's much easier to think some invisible force is going to raise you from your grave and take you into the sky to live forever and ever in a paradise. It's also much easier to think our loved ones aren't just gone but, with god and we'll see them again. Wow, if all this was true, I'd be ready to go now. Sadly, it's not true.

I believe that one of the reasons religion was invented was because of the thought of death being so final. Well, my friends, death is final. If you choose to be buried in the ground, then you will remain there until time has rotted and withered your bones away. You will remain in a box underground, alone for eternity.

If you choose to be cremated, well.....

I have chosen Cryonic suspension. I know you're laughing. But, with the advancement of technology going at the pace it's going today (cloning, the revival of a frozen rabbit heart are a few examples), I will have the last laugh. Of course, the chances of reviving someone today are 0%, but, 100's of years in the future it may be very real. If I choose to be buried or cremated my chances of living again are 0%, but with Cryonics, I have at least a 1% chance.

Does it make the thought of dying any easier? Absolutely not!

Death Proverbs

Never say die!
Six feet of earth makes all men equal.
The dead are soon forgotten
Death defies the doctor, or employs him to do its job.
Death to the wolf is life to the lamb.
It's better to die with honor than to live in infamy.
We die as we live.
When we're dead we're dead for a long time.
A dead man feels no cold.
Dead men tell no tales.
When Death knocks at your door you must answer.
Death devours lambs as well as sheep.
Death is a black camel which kneels at at every man's gate.
As the life is, so is the end.
We're here today and gone tomorrow.
Xerxes the great did die, and so must you and I.
Death is a great leveller.
There is a remedy for everything but death.
Every door may be shut but death's door.
Nothing is so sure as death.
They that live longest must die at last.
Speak well of the dead.
Shrouds have no pockets.
A man can only die once.
The young may die, the old must die.
Move an old tree and it will wither to death.
Don't get so anxious that you kill yourself.
As soon as a man is born he begins to die.
The nest is made but the bird is dead.
We start dying the day we are born.
A man is not completely born until he is dead.
Don't blame the bullet if it kills the innocent bystander.
A man does not die of care, he dries up.
From the cemetary noone is brought back.
As cold as the northside of a gravestone in winter.
It's safer to commend the dead than the living.
In the grave dust and bones jostle not for the walls.
Cowards die daily, the brave but once.
What is learned in the cradle lasts to the grave.
Crows weep for the dead lamb and then devour him.
A man usually dies of the disease he dreads the most.
Dream of a funeral and hear of a marriage.
After a dream of a wedding, comes a corpse.
When the eagle is dead the crows pick out his eyes.
Fresh pork and good wine kill a man before his time.
Bad meals killed more than the best doctor ever cured.
You dig your grave with your teeth.
He kills two birds with one stone.
As the life is so is the end.
A dead enemy is as good as a cold friend.
Equality begins in the grave.
More die by food than famine.
Someone died, someone cried.
If you fear death you are already dead.
Death fiddles and we dance.
The corpse of a dead foe always smells like roses.
Don't knock at a dead man's door and expect an answer.
Life without a friend is death without a witness.
Generals die in bed.
No goat ever died of hunger.
The grave levels all distinctions.
Grey hairs are deaths blossoms.
Hoary hairs are death's messengers.
The timid hare dares to pluck the dead lion by the beard.
Don't drive a hearse or you'll be the next to die.
The sick man writes his death warrant when he makes his doctor his heir.
Better die with honor than live with shame.
He dies from hunger who lives by hope.
Time is life and when the idle man kills time he kills himself.
Death irons out all differences.
You kill a man if you don't save a life when you can.
Leisure without culture is death.
Life is death without real friends, and money can't buy them.
As a man lives so shall he die; as a tree falls, so shall it lie.
Living in worry invites death in a hurry.
If you're living like a pig you'll die like a swine.
Early wed, early dead.
Don't measure yourself it will make you die.
He that lives most, dies most.
We mourn the dead best by continuing their good work.
Our birth is nothing but our death begun.
Coffin makers pray for plagues.
Poets and pigs are appreciated only after their death.
When you die, your trumpeter will be buried.
From life to death is man's reach.
Rest is for the dead.
Funeral sermon, lying sermon.
The wolf must die in his own skin.
If you slander a dead man you slander him in the grave.
Neither the sun nor death can be looked at steadily.
It is never to late to die.
A tyrannt's breath is another ones death.
All between the cradle and coffin is uncertain.
Young men may die, old men must.

Death Superstitions

If you think you recognize a person approaching you,
and then find you have made a mistake, it is a sign that the person you
thought you recognized will soon die.
If a warrior dies while asleep, he has met an enemy in
a dream and been killed.
The soul of a dying person cannot escape the body
if any locks are locked or blots are bolted in the house.
If there are any knots in the clothes of a corpse when it is
put into the coffin, the spirit will not be able to depart.
If a candle on an altar of a church is blown out by the wind,
the minister will die soon.
There are more deaths at low tide than at high tide.
Before someone dies; a dog will howl, an owl will screech,
a picture may drop, there will be a rapping sound at the window, the sound of
church bells will ring in your ears, you'll see a falling star, you'll dream of
muddy water, or any of thousands of others signs, but there will always be a sign.
Cremating the dead body will burn any evil spirits living in
the body.
Todays tombstone is used to mark the site of a grave and to say
the person's been in this world. Yesterday's tombstones were designed to keep in the
ground the evil spirits that inhabited the dead body.
You must hold your breath while going past a cemetery or you will
breath in the spirit of someone who has recently died.
If a member of the family dies in a place where bees are kept for honey
the bees must be told of the death or they will go away.
Cover the mirrors in a house where someone has died or the ghost of the
newly dead could gather up the souls reflected in the mirrors and take them away.
If a child is named after a dead child in the family, the first
child will call the living child away.
To mention the name of a dead person brings bad luck.
When someone is in danger of death, a change of name may
confuse the spirits and save the person's life.
A gift of parsley will bring bad luck, illness, and even
death to the homes of the giver and the receiver.
If you stand in a cemetery on St. Mark's Eve (April 24), you
will see the ghosts of those who are to die in the coming year.

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