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As Chapter 9 ended, the Masked Marvel was trapped inside the back of a speeding truck with no one at the wheel.  Finding a rope and hook inside, he ties it to the doors and hurls the hook out, snagging a passing roadside barricade.  The impact wrenches the doors off the truck and the Masked Marvel leaps to freedom just inches from a plummet down the cliff.  Safe again!!

In Chapter 10, the investigators go to Mr. Crane's house to discuss a train load of bomber parts coming in that evening, unaware that Sakima is listening in on the intercom.  When Frank Jeffers arrives later to pick up the insurance policy on the train, he sees Mace entering the secret underground lair of Sakima beneath Mr. Crane's house.  He follows Mace inside and gets the drop on him and Sakima.  But the Crane gets the drop on Frank.  A fight ensues, and after demolishing most of the hideout, Frank runs out the door.

Frank is shot by Crane just as he gets into his car.  He drives away with the bad guys in hot pursuit.  Frank calls Alice on his car radio to warn her about Sakima's plot to blow up the train.  Before he can tell her of Crane's involvement, he passes out . . . .

. . . and his car plunges off the cliff, exploding in flames.

Meanwhile, at a small train stop, the bad guys are loading up a work cart with explosives.

As the train comes barreling down the tracks, the villains release the cart containing the explosives.  Meanwhile, the Masked Marvel rushes to try and stop the deadly cargo.

The Masked Marvel crashes his car into the deadly cart to keep it from destroying the train of precious bomber parts.  Looks like the end for our hero.  Can he survive the fiery collision??

You'll have to wait until next week to find out!!