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As Chapter 10 ended, the Masked Marvel drove his speeding car into the railroad cart carrying the explosives, causing a massive explosion.  Here we see the Marvel leaping from his car just seconds before the crash.  Our hero survives once again!!

In Chapter 11, Frank Jeffers picture is set beside Jim Arnolds.  Two of the investigators have given their lives to protect the country.  Who else must sacrifice themselves in order to insure the safety of the war effort?

Crane and Sakima concoct a plan to trap the Marvel once and for all.  He asks Alice to come by his house, and arranges for the villains to be there ahead of her.  Crane pretends to be a captive of Mace and Crane's butler.  They take Crane and Alice hostage in order to lure the investigators into a trap.

The villains take Crane and Alice to the seaside diner that is one of their hideouts, then arrange for Alice to grab a gun and call the investigators to come rescue her.  But the gun is not loaded.

One of the investigators shows up and is held at gunpoint while Alice and Crane watch helplessly.  But a fight ensues (naturally).  As the diner is progressively demolished, . . . .

Alice struggles to free herself.  She does, and follows Mace outside, where he knocks her out and carries her off to a waiting boat.

Mace loads Alice into the boat and speeds away.  But the Masked Marvel is in hot pursuit.

During the chase, Mace finds a case of grenades and begins to hurl them at the boat carrying the Masked Marvel.  But the Marvel shoots him just as he pulls the pin on a grenade, and Mace collapses, dropping the active grenade into the case.

The boat containing Mace, the unconscious Alice, and the case of grenades explodes.  Poor Alice!!  Such a terrible fate for a young lady.  What will the Masked Marvel do now???

You'll have to wait until next week to find out!!