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As Chapter 11 ended, an unconscious Alice was trapped in an exploding boat.  But at the last instant, she revives and leaps over the side, just seconds before the boat explodes.  What a lucky girl!!

In Chapter 12, the Masked Marvel becomes suspicious of Crane, and sets up a recording device to tap his phone.  Alice listens in on a conversation between Crane and Sakima.  At last, the true number one henchman is exposed.

But Crane catches Alice eavesdropping and threatens to eliminate her.  The Masked Marvel shows up, and Crane flees in panic.  He leaps into his car and speeds off down the road, with the Masked Marvel in hot pursuit.

During the chase, Crane is forced off the road, and his car explodes in flames.  One bad guy down, one more to go.  The Masked Marvel goes to Crane's house and discovers the secret entrance to Sakima's hideout.

Finally, the Masked Marvel gets a chance to confront Sakima, and a battle royale ensues.  First Sakima tries a knife.

Then they bring out their guns and have a wonderful shootout.  Sakima hides behind his desk, and the Marvel hides behind a large urn.  Each shoots several times at the other.

"Aha," says Sakima.  "That was your last shot.  Now I will kill you, Masked Marvel."

But the Masked Marvel shoots Sakima, wounding him seriously.  "Did it never occur to your Oriental mind that I might reload?"  And with that, the saboteur threat to national security is defeated.

Now that the Masked Marvel's job is done, he unmasks, revealing his secret identity as Bob.

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