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At the end of Chapter 2, the Masked Marvel was on a boat loaded with Nitrolene as the boat sped out of control right into the docks.    As Chapter 3 begins, the Masked Marvel looks up in time to see the docks, then dives off the boat just before it explodes.  Another close call.


In Chapter 3, the insurance investigators are delivering a load of industrial diamonds to a manufacturing company.  Sakima tells his agents to intercept the car containing the diamonds.  As one of the investigators is fighting the bad guys, Alice takes off with the diamonds, then throws them out of the car before the villians can catch up to her. 


Sakima's men capture Alice and take her to a garage, where they interrogate her to find the location of the diamonds.


They place her in the bottom of an elevator shaft and threaten to lower the elevator to crush her, just like they did to that barrel in the background. 


  Just as Alice is about to be crushed . . . 


the Masked Marvel arrives and shoots the elevator operator, which stops the elevator.  The Masked Marvel chases Sakima's agents up to the sixth floor, while Alice manages to free herself. 


  As the Masked Marvel fights Mace on the sixth floor of the garage, the second henchman falls down the elevator shaft and crashes to the platform six floors below. 


Mace knocks the Masked Marvel into the elevator shaft, and he plummets out of sight!  How can he possibly survive the fall?

You'll have to wait until next week to find out!!