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As Chapter 5 ended, the Masked Marvel was fighting a saboteur in the drains beneath the airplane factory as a bomb is ticking down to destruction.  At the last second, the Masked Marvel knocks out the saboteur, then notices the bomb and rushes out of the tunnel just before the bomb explodes.


In Chapter 6, Alice poses as a waitress at a waterfront restaurant in order to track down some of the saboteurs.  While at the restaurant, she sees Mace and another henchman hijack a truck.  She slips into the back of the truck, then holds the villians at gunpoint while waiting for the Masked Marvel to appear.   Mace turns off the lights, and the bad guys get the drop on her.


When her wig falls off, Mace recognizes her, and they decide to take her back to Sakima. 


Alice is loaded into a crate . . . . . 


  . . . and the crate is loaded onto the back of a truck. 


As Alice struggles to escape . . . . . 


  . . . the truck rushes out the back of the warehouse and plunges into the water. What will happen next?

You'll have to wait until next week to find out!!