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As Chapter 6 ended, the truck containing the crate holding Alice crashed through the wall of the warehouse and sank into the water.  But luckily, the crate bounced off the back of the truck before it crashed through the wall.  The Masked Marvel chases off the remaining bad guy and frees Alice from the crate.

In Chapter 7 Mace and another henchman set up a bomb in a package scheduled to be picked up by the investigators.  Two of the investigators take the package off to a meeting of top scientists.

The other investigators become suspicious, and return to confront the bad guys.  Naturally, a fight ensues.  The second henchman is killed accidentally by Mace, who is then captured by the investigators.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, the other investigators start to open the case, which sets the timer on the bomb  . . .

But this is not the cliffhanger!!  The other investigators call just in time to prevent a catastrophe.  All of the investigators agree to meet and interrogate Mace.

Unfortunately for our heroes, Sakima has been forewarned, and sets up a diabolical trap.  Another henchman connects a knockout gas canister to the air duct of the house, and everyone but Mace is knocked out.

The Masked Marvel also manages to avoid the knockout gas and confronts the bad guy in the basement.  After knocking him out, he goes to leave, but Mace has locked the door.

As the Masked Marvel pounds on the door trying to escape, Mace fires through the cellar doors, and our hero tumbles down the stairs.  Can this be the end of the Marvel????  How can he possibly escape this time?

You'll have to wait until next week to find out!!