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As Chapter 7 ended, the Masked Marvel was pounding on the cellar door, trying to get out, while Mace stood outside with a rifle and began blasting through the door.  However, just before Mace shoots, the bad guy in the basement wakes and throws a chunk of wood at the Masked Marvel, knocking him out.  As the Marvel tumbles down the stairs, the basement bad guy pulls off his mask, then rushes up the stairs to tell Mace what the Marvel's secret identity really is.  But Mace shoots through the doors, striking the bad guy instead of the Masked Marvel.

In Chapter 8, the Masked Marvel recovers and goes back upstairs in time to join the other investigators.  They come down to the basement and find the bad guy, who is not dead, but seriously wounded.  They also find the Marvel's mask, so they know that this man knows the identity of the Marvel.  They decide to take him to a hospital.  But the clever fellow there in the middle relays this knowledge to Sakima, who sends another henchman to the hospital in order to discover the identity of the Masked Marvel.

The wounded henchman looks at the pictures of the investigators and points to the Masked Marvel.  In gratitude for this, the second henchman stabs him, but is discovered by the investigators, and takes off in his car.

The investigators give chase, and the bad guy crashes over the side of a cliff.  The Masked Marvel's secret identity is still safe . . . . for now anyway.

Later on, the Masked Marvel goes off to a warehouse to catch the bad guys, who are in the process of setting up a trap to catch the Masked Marvel.  The Marvel surprises one henchman on the roof and knocks him out, then gets into a fight with two others down below.  After fighting them for a while and trashing the place, he climbs back up to the roof, pursued by one of the villains.

In a dramatic gunfight on the rooftop, the bad guy shoots at the Masked Marvel . . . .

. . . . and scores a direct hit!!  The Marvel falls off the roof . . .

And falls several stories to the ground.  It looks like our hero has finally had it!!  Surely not even the Masked Marvel could survive this predicament?

You'll have to wait until next week to find out!!