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FeMail Palz Pen Pals!

So far, we have 5 pen pal ads.

Name: Lacey Modos
Age:  14
Hobbies:  horsebackriding poetry paganism
Bands you like: blink 182 sublime other rap alternative ska rock and punk
 Lacey wants an email pen pal! 
Name: dana Age: 13 Interests: talking, writing, listening to music, going to concerts.... Type/s of music you like: ska punk and swing Email address: Dana wants either an email or snail mail pen pal (email me for my snail mail address!!)
* * *
Name: juli Age: 15 Interests: skateboarding, music. i work at a music store in nyc. i'm the bitch with brown hair behind the counter. Type/s of music you like: punk and alternative Email address: Juli prefers an email pen pal
Name: Elizabeth Age: 12 Interests: gymnastics, listening to Hanson, hangin' with friends Type/s of music you like: Hanson, Aqua, Backsteet Boys, Chumbawamba Email address: Elizabeth would prefer an email pen pal.
Name: Stella Age: 13 Interests: Hangin' w/ friends, goin' online, watchin' TV and Movies Type/s of music you like: R&B...But I mostly listen to Korean music Email address: HOTkangta3 Stella wants an email pen pal!

How many people have been here? ?! Yup. That's it.