Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Corny but crazy fun that is actually labeled as a biography. Starring Pamela Reed, Larenz Tate, Halle Berry. Dir: George Nava


The film's title was actually a 60's era No.1 single sung by labeled hottie Frankie Lymon. And, you guessed it, the movie bubbles with some of Lymon's most energetic pieces and reels you in with its Blues Brothers energy. But, actually, the kineticism tingles with the female leads.

Three women - all Lymon other halves - fight for the Frankie music royalties. Probably a lot of the lucid tongue-in-cheek wit that the three women have stems from their frustration Frankie married all of them.....at once. Zola, Frankie's first, becomes his lean on when he's out of work in showbiz. Though Zola (Halle Berry) sets him up with gigs, he advertently sets her up with unreliability. He becomes a drug degenerate on the side, but still manages to charm the sugar out of Elizabeth (Vivicia Fox) and fall in love (again) with Emira (Lela Rochon) in the army. What follows and becomes is contrite at its center, but the film is often too much entertainment and candy-coats the dolorous outcome that really happened.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love is almost a musical, which may be why it doesn't feel like a drama. A few music videos and frantic near T.V. editing leaves you insatiably begging for more on our main man. Clueless commons who want some biop on the star are better off at a few websites here on the net, but if you'd like a few prequels to Why Do Fools Fall, I believe their music videos are archival and available.

Justin Cowan