Beavis and Butthead character profiles

Name: Beavis
Physical Attributes: Has a large overbite, and blonde hair. Upon eating/drinking too much sugar/caffiene he will transform into a character named 'Cornholio'.
Friends: Butthead, Stewert (When he has pay-per-view)
Likes: Fire, Explosions, Nachos, Chicks, Spanking his monkey, Animals, gwar
Dislikes: Wedgies, Being kicked in the nads, Being called 'Buttknocker'
Life Ambition: To score.......with a chick
Other Info: Butthead's Half brother, Died once, Saved Butthead's life with the heimlich manouver, Arrested with 26 counts of murder

Name: Butthead
Physical Attributes: Has braces, Must have sore nads, because beavis is always kicking them .
Friends: Beavis, Stewert (When he has nachos)
Likes: Nachos, Burritos, Thingies
Dislikes: Buzzcut, Van-Driessen
Life Ambition: To get into todd's gang.....huh huh, 'get into'
Other Info:His father is also Beavis's father, Almost Chocked to death on chicken, Prank phone call to 'Harry Sachz' resulted in Stewert's dad having surgery to remove cordless phone stuck in his butt

Name: Stewart Stevenson
Physical Attributes: He's fat, and a dork.
Friends: Beavis and Butthead (When he has something they want)
Likes: His Dad, School, Eating
Dislikes: Breakfast Burritos (Gives him diahorea)
Life Ambition: To be respected and admired
Other Info: Wets the bed.

Name: David Van-Driessen
Physical Attributes: Hippie freak with long hair and annoying voice, mmmmkay.
Friends: Buzzcut, Other Members of the teaching staff
Likes: Flowers, Revolutions, Singing Songs on his guitar, Nature, Peace
Dislikes: So called Heavy Metal, Hate, Fighting
Life Ambition: To turn Beavis and Butthead into respectable human beings
Other Info: Was run over by beavis in a tyre while filming nature documentary, got into a fight with the Manners teacher 'Mr. Meanners', Proably 'got some' at woodstock.

Name: Tom Anderson
Physical Attributes: He's fat, and old.
Friends: Old army guys
Likes: The army, golf, prunes, beer
Dislikes: Beavis 'whacking off' in his caravan
Life Ambition: Who cares, he'll die soon anyway
Other Info: Fought in the army, scored a 'hole in one', got hit in the nads with golf ball.

Name: Todd ignuzia (or something)
Physical Attributes: Big, well enough to hurt Beavis and Butthead.
Friends: All the people in his gang.
Likes: Hurting Beavis and Butthead, 'Doing' Chicks, Beer.
Dislikes: Beavis and Butthead, cops
Life Ambition: Doesn't have one, already scored, what else is there is acheive
Other Info: beavis in a tyre caused him to spill beer on his favorite pants, Got served a mouse at burger world by beavis.