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Sean Astin (b. 1971)

Good-kid Mikey in The Goonies.

Good-hobbit Sam Gamgee in Lord of the Rings big-screen trilogy.


  • Son of Patty Duke; brother of Mackenzie Astin.
  • Building credits as a writer, director and producer.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • On the Set with the "Fat Hobbit"
    "I worked with Sean Astin on a recent TV series. The guy was very self-critical of his own performance on quite a few occasions, and would frequently stop himself mid-take (even when his lines were going well), make a fist or something in frustration, and ask the director "can I have another one?"

    Sean was fun, too. Once we were in the pouring rain, behind schedule, and trying to get through the day when something went wrong with one of the cameras in a fit of Murphy's Law. Sean could've stormed off to his trailer in disgust, but just turned to this mob of extras and asked: "So, anyone seen any good movies lately?" A voice from the back mumbled, "Nah. Just that Lord of the Rings crap...", and Sean laughed. He asked if anyone had seen Gangs of New York yet, as he felt it was an incredible movie, and when one guy finally piped up to say he hadn't, Sean beckoned him over and gave him 20 bucks out of his own wallet to go and see it.

    Astin also seemed to like kids. He got out of the shuttle once hoping to get lunch, but again we were way behind schedule and lunch was delayed, so he sat backwards on a folding chair in front of some little kid and started doing magic tricks for him. If only the kid knew [t]his instant-magician was the self-described "Fat Hobbit" from what's probably going to wind up one of the greatest film efforts of all time." (Posted: October 2006)


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