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Scott Baio (b. 1961)

Twentysomething and very single.

45...and [Formerly] Single.


  • Parlayed renown bachelor status into reality TV series, Scott Baio Is 45...and Single (2007).
  • Relinquished renown bachelor status with marriage to longtime girlfriend Renee Sloan, mother of his daughter (2007).
  • Engaged at least once--in 2001, to a UCLA coed.
  • Dated Pamela Anderson, Charles in Charge charge Nicole Eggert, Heather Locklear, Erin Moran, Brooke Shields and a cast of thousands.
  • Playboy Mansion regular.
  • Inductee to Man Show Hall of Fame (1999).
  • Directed several sitcoms, including his own Charles in Charge, in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Made film debut, at age 15, in Bugsy Malone, opposite Jodie Foster (1976).
  • Did not die on December 18, 1997, despite widespread rumor of his demise in a car crash. "... My parents called me, crying," he told the New York Times Magazine about the day he was not killed. "They heard it from my brother, who heard it on the radio. And they're crying and I'm thinking, 'Someone in my family [died]!' Little did I know it was me."
  • Cousin of Jimmy Baio.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • When You Wish Upon a Former Child Star...
    "I have been a huge fan of Scott's since I was 10 years old. I am now a 40-year-old mother of two teenagers, and have been happily married for twenty years. My family and I visited Los Angeles last year. I found out where Scott lived (I am not telling), and I went to his house the day before Easter Sunday. I saw a SUV in the driveway, and thought I would go up to the intercom and give it a try--if it was not his house I knew I gave it my best shot. As I walked up the driveway, my heart was beating out of my chest. I could not believe that in seconds I was going to be face to face with Scott after loving him all these years. I can't tell you how many letters I wrote to him as a child. So I rang the intercom, and I hear a 'Yeah.' I knew right away it was him with that New York-ish accent he still has. I told him who I was, and that I came 3,000 miles to see him, and would he please just come and say hello to me. He wanted to know who I was with--my 14-year-old daughter who was standing with me. He came out with his two dogs and hesitated a bit. He had no idea who I was, and I could tell he was a little nervous. He slowly came down to his gate on his driveway, and I then yelled to my husband that he was coming out. We all talked to him for a while telling him everything I could think of for those few minutes. It's so funny how your mind can go just blank! It meant so much to me to have him come out and meet me after all these years. When I returned home to Virginia, I read an article in People magazine of how this girl who had been stalking him for years was finally arrested. So for him to come out and see me after reading that, I was so so lucky! Scott if you're reading this, thanks for making a childhood dream of mine come true!" (Posted: April 2007)
  • A Very Long Story -- Part One!
    "This was way back in 1983. Remember when Scott Baio had that brief singing career? Well, he was having a concert at Knott's Berry Farm. I stood in line all day to get the best seats. My parents, however, went in much later. I ended up in the front row. After the concert, I tried to climb backstage to met Scott (I was only 13), but security caught me. I was upset, but when I went outside my father was looking for me. He happened to be sitting next to Scott Baio's mother and father during the concert. My father explained how much I loved Scott, and Scott's parents wanted to meet me. So, Scott's father put his arm around me, and escorted [me] past a group of screaming teens ... and into Scott's dressing room!!! Out comes Scott Baio in little shorts, no shirt, straight out of the shower! He kissed me, talked to me and asked me for my address. Later, he mailed me a letter and autographed picture." (Posted: April 2006)
  • Part Two!!!!!!
    "Then, less than a year later, I went to the taping of Charles in Charge. Guess who was sitting in front of me? Heather Locklear! She was very nice. After the show, I got the opportunity to meet Scott again!!!!!! Guess what???? He remembered me from the concert!!! He told me how pretty I was! He also mailed me another autographed picture!!!" (Posted: April 2006)
  • A Dog Man and a Gentleman
    "I was dating a girl who worked for a German shepherd breeder. I answered the phone and it was Scott Baio. He was calling about questions he had concerning a dog he bought from the breeder. He was very polite." (Posted: April 2006)
  • Um, Cruising USC for Blonde Trophy Girlfriends?
    "Here's my story of rejection at the hands of Scott Baio. It's difficult to admit such a thing, because who gets rejected by Scott Baio? Anyway, I'm a minor celebrity enthusiast who is especially fond of Scott Baio. He quickly became a running joke in my dorm freshman year. During winter break, two of my friends and I took a road trip up the West Coast. While in Los Angeles, we attempted to visit Mr. Baio at his home in Studio City. We wanted to get an autographed 8x10 glossy, as well as get our picture taken with him. Well, Scott B. wasn't home when we showed up, so we left him a note, giving him our address and a request for said photo. Needless to say, we got dissed by Scott Baio. Post-Baby Talk Scott Baio! I mean, I'm still incredulous over it. We thought, what else is Scott Baio doing--this was 1999--besides maybe cruising UCLA for blonde trophy girlfriends?" (Posted: June 2005)
  • Here in My Car...Make That, My Parking Lot
    "A friend and I went to see musician Gary Numan perform at the House Of Blues in Hollywood [in] early 2001. After Gary's show we slipped back to her car to put away our concert shirts so we could head back to the venue and wait for Gary to come out and greet people. On the way out of the parking lot we walked smack dab into a group of people, one of whom was Scott Baio. His brother, who I forget the name of, was with him. We chatted for a bit and that was that. Really cool meeting. And yes, we met Gary Numan later on." (Posted: June 2005)
  • The Wonders of Mail Order
    "I work in the business so the stars in my eyes faded a while back, however, on October 17, 2001, I dined at Oliva, an Italian restaurant on Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, California, and the moment I walked in, there was Scott Baio. The restaurant was almost completely empty so it wasn't hard to spot him. He was sitting in the corner with a typical 'Baio Blonde' and two other older people. They looked as if they had been there a while but seemed to be sticking around as more people came in. Finally, a woman came in with her baby and approached him and said that she was a big fan, which he loved. It is amazing that he still looks the same, and that he manages to find different girlfriends that look exactly the same." (Posted: November 2001)
  • GLAAD Man on the Year?
    "My all-female band was to play the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard (previously known as Billboard Live) last year, when 'flyering' was still legal in Hollywood. As we passed out flyers to everyone on the street late one night we spotted Scott Baio about to cross the street. He was [acting] quite odd. He asked if the band was a bunch of lesbians, and if it was he'd go and see us." (Posted: September 2000)
  • Baio Watch
    "I saw Scott Baio at a year-end Christmas party for CBS' The Nanny in December of '97. ... Scott apparently made a brief guest appearence on one of the shows that season. ... The rumors that he was dead surfaced about [that] time. The staff there seemed very concerned about the rumor and the reaction that Scott gave was, 'No s#&t...what the f&%# is that about?' ... Also, I spotted Scott at the Promenade [outdoor shopping mall] in Santa Monica going into the Hooters grand opening there, classy ..." (Posted: Summer 1999)
  • It's Greek to Him
    "I saw Scott Baio at a party in Hollywood by Kinko's on Sunset Boulevard. He was at the hummus dip." (Posted: April 1997)


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