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Elizabeth Berkley (b. 1974)

Jessie Spano, Saved by the Bell.



  • Married Greg Lauren, nephew of designer Ralph, November 1, 2003, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  • Two-time Razzie winner (Worst Actresss, Worst New Star) for her pole-twirling turn in Showgirls (1995).

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Four Out of Five Dentists Recommend Her
    "I saw Elizabeth Berkley waiting patiently in the waiting room at my orthodontist's office. After several moments of staring, I bravely asked her if she was Jessie from Saved By the Bell. She was very nice as she smiled back, and sweetly answered yes." (Posted: February 2006)
  • Saved by the Swell
    "...I ran into Elizabeth Berkley last October 2000. She was at my place of work for location shooting on Curse of the Jade Scorpion. We chatted briefly and I wished her well, as I had encountered her several other times back in 1994 or '95 when I was a waiter at the Russian Tea Room in NYC. On those occasions, she usually came in alone, before lunch meetings with P.R. people or press (Showgirls was in pre-release publicity phase). While she waited for whoever she was meeting, we had a few conversations and she was absolutely unpretentious, sweet, and charming. I worked at the Tea Room for nine years and dealt with many hundreds of celebrities, and she was among the nicest. I found her to be exactly the same when I talked to her last November. Her smile would warm you up from head to toe, and she has not a hint of pretentiousness or insecurity about her." (Posted: November 2001)
  • Tofu, or Not Tofu
    "So, I'm eating a fabulous brown rice 'n' tofu dish at Ammo in Hollywood proper, where fabulous brown rice 'n' tofu dishes are routine, when I spied Elizabeth Berkley! Because she's an actress, she was not eating a fabulous brown rice 'n' tofu dish, or anything else, for that matter. Rather, she was telling boyfriend Greg Lauren (of the Ralph Laurens) that it was time to And so they went." (Posted: February 2001)


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