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Danny Bonaduce (b. 1959)

Smart, smart-mouth Danny Partridge, The Partridge Family.

Smart, smart-mouth radio guy/reality star.


  • Unseated as "contributing show member" of Adam Carolla's syndicated radio show; awarded local Los Angeles show (2007).
  • Dispenser of wisdom (2007).
  • Bloodied Survivor alum Jonny Fairplay during an unscripted back flip at an awards show. Los Angeles prosecutors declined to press charges. Fairplay sued anyway (2007).
  • Divorcing wife and Breaking Bonaduce costar Gretchen Bonaduce (2007).
  • Shot steroids, did rehab, attempted suicide, admitted to an extramarital affair, screamed at his couple's therapist and generally acted like a wild man (albeit a frequently observant, knowing wild man) in VH1 reality series, Breaking Bonaduce (2005).
  • Lost longtime gig as morning drive-time host on Los Angeles' Star 98.7 during Breaking Bonaduce first-season shoot (2005).
  • Pounded Barry Williams in a boxing match (2002).
  • Pounded Donny Osmond in a boxing match (1994).
  • Pounded a transvestite in an unsanctioned 1991 scuffle, resulting in his arrest. Reached a deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to pay $3,000 to cover the gentleman's busted nose.
  • Checked into rehab in 2001 for alcohol abuse.
  • Checked back into rehab in 2005 for alcohol abuse.
  • Arrested on suspicion of coke possession (1990).
  • Arrested on suspicion of coke possession (1985).
  • Hosted daytime talk show, The Other Half, with fellow former child star Mario Lopez (2001-2003).
  • Penned the autobiography Random Acts of Badness (2001).
  • Married second-wife Gretchen the very night he met her on a blind date (1990).


  • C'mon, Get Happy!
  • The Partridge Family Temple
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