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Todd Bridges (b. 1965)

Willis Jackson, Diff'rent Strokes.

Actor/motivational speaker/figure skater.


  • Founder, Todd Bridges Youth Foundation.
  • Showed off his moves on Fox reality series, Skating with Celebrities (2006).
  • Showed off his jab to Vanilla Ice on Fox reality special, Celebrity Boxing (2002).
  • Arrested in 1997 for allegedly ramming a friend's car with his car following a dispute over a video game.
  • Arrested in 1993 for allegedly stabbing a boarder at his home. (No charges filed.)
  • Arrested in 1990 on suspicion of cocaine possession. (No charges filed.)
  • Arrested in 1989 for allegedly shooting at a man at a Los Angeles crack house. (Acquitted of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges.)
  • Arrested in 1989 for allegedly skipping out on a $500 auto-repair bill.
  • Arrested in 1988 on suspicion of reckless driving.
  • Pleaded no contest in 1986 to charge of making bomb threats against an auto detailer.
  • Accused Los Angeles Police Department of harassing him in 1984.
  • Married, with one kid.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Sounds More Like Mr. Drummond
  • "Can you confirm or deny what I thought I saw back in 1990? I was driving 18-wheelers for a company called Schneider, and I swear I saw Todd Bridges driving a truck for J.B. Hunt. He was trying to back a truck into a hole, and didn't look like he knew what he was doing, and then he got out and started yelling at other drivers like it was their fault. I've always wondered if it was him or a look-alike. Hope you can help." (Posted: June 2005)
  • We'll Say "Hey" Next Time We're at Sam's Town
    "I taught Todd Bridges how to bowl [when] he was a youngster living in [San Francisco] in the late '70s. Give him my regards." (Posted: June 2005)
  • It's the Little Moments that Make Life So Precious
    "About a month ago, I saw Todd Bridges at a commercial audition in West Los Angeles." (Posted: November 2000)
  • Bowling for Willis
    "I used to bowl with [Todd Bridges] about five years ago in the NBAC, an amateur bowling club in the San Fernando Valley. He even participated in an annual event at Sam Town's in Las Vegas." (Posted: March 1999)


  • OFFICIAL SITE: Todd Bridges Youth Foundation
  • Sitcoms Online: Diff'rent Strokes
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