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Tiffany Brissette (b. 1974)

Vicki Lawson, Small Wonder.

Active in local church/drama groups in Colorado.


  • Graduate, Westmont College.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Robot See Food, Robot Eat Food!
    "Tiffany Brissette looks like a younger and pretty Leah Remini and wears dark amber sunglasses most of the time ... She horsebacks in the mountains and has a nice ocean-view flat ... She's working for a teaching license in drama and sings at congregations like Robert Schuller's. She does voices for cartoons and coaches at local playhouses. ... The chick's a real seafood addict and puts away a bucket of shrimp, oysters and scallops at one shot -- and it doesn't show one gram on her fabulous frame."
  • I Saw Robot Girl In Saugus, Mass.!
    "Just a little after New Year's Day, my girlfriend and I ran into Tiffany Brissette who played that robot girl in Small Wonder in Saugus, Mass., at a winter charities benefit. She made a cute and curvy snow bunny in pink -- much taller than I expected, still bronze-faced from the California sun and [in her early 20s.] ... She was cheerful and very ladylike. ... She ice skates and speaks Spanish and French fluently -- her French really sounds nice. She is a very devout Christian and works with The 700 Club and said she doesn't regret leaving television, but you got the feeling that it wasn't really her choice and that her humor was sugar-coating some bitterness about that. ... She said 'at least' [Small Wonder] got her interested in science and that she visits the Boston Computer Museum whenever she's in town." (Posted: June-July 1997)


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