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Brandon Call (b. 1976)

High-profile teen star of Step By Step and Baywatch.



  • Shot in both arms in 1996 by an assailant who trailed him from a nightclub.
  • Played David Hasselhoff's Baywatch son, Hobie, on show's first, lone network season; Jeremy Jackson played Hobie #2 during its run in syndication.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Hoping for a Call
    "I am the assistant manager at Patti's Hallmark here in Vista, California. Brandon [Call] came in today with his daughter to get a Webkinz. [Editor: No, we don't know what a Webkinz is, either.] At first I didn't know for sure if it was him, until he talked to me! That's when I knew it was him! He was extremely nice. I didn't ask him for an autograph or anything, but I'm sure he'll be back in my store in the future. I hope so." (Posted: July 2007)
  • Yes, the Wink Makes That Last Comment Sound Much Less Mean
    "A long, long time ago, I was a big fan of [Brandon Call], and found out where he lived. I [rang] at the doorbell, but unfortunately nobody answered. I never really got over the fact that all of his autographs were printings and not real. By now he should have lots of time answering his fan mail personally ;)." (Posted: February 2007)
  • His Mom's Not Going to Like This One
    "I played poker with [Brandon Call] at Ocean's Eleven in Oceanside, just north of San Diego. He was pretty much a jerk at the table." (Posted: January 2006)
  • Told You So
    "I am his mother, and whomever said he is a jerk is very wrong. My son is as nice as they come." (Posted: January 2006)
  • Finally, a Sighting Even a Mother Could Love
    "I have met Brandon Call many times. He shops at Sam's Club in Vista, California. He has a beautiful wife and daughter, and he is very nice." (Posted: January 2006)
  • Right on Target
    "I've run into to him [Brandon Call] twice now in the last five years -- once at a rec center where his daughter played basketball, and last week in Target with his daughter." (Posted: January 2006)
  • Yes, But Did He Rotate the Tires?
    "I met Brandon Call when he was working at a gas station in San Diego, California. The gas station is also a car wash and you can get an oil change. I found out later that he and his family own it. He was nice and signed an autograph picture." (Posted: October 2000)


  • TV Tome: Step by Step
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