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Kirk Cameron (b. 1970)

Mike Seaver, Growing Pains.



  • Brother of Candace Cameron.
  • Cofounder of Living Waters ministry.
  • Founder of Camp Firefly, a charity camp for children with terminal illnesses.
  • Father to six children with wife Chelsea Noble, the Growing Pains costar he married in 1991.
  • Reprised Mike Seaver self in the TV-movies, Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers (2004) and The Growing Pains Movie (2000).

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Renting Like Father, Like Son?
    "In the summer, I saw Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, at an outdoor jazz concert near L.A. ... He was by himself when we put down our blankets ... His wife came back just as the concert was starting, They cuddled up together, and were so cute, very much in love. They made out through the whole concert! It was very sexy. They were kissing touching each other and whispering and laughing. They attracted a small amount of attention from people around them. Everyone who saw them could tell what they were going to be doing when they got home that night!" (Posted: December 2001)
  • Yeah, But Whatever Happened to Denny?
    "In the spring of 1990 I was walking down the hall of the hospital I worked at when a rather scruffy-looking guy came out of the cafe. I walked past him thinking it was a former classmate and thought, 'I haven't seen him in a long time.' Then I looked again and remember thinking, 'No, that's not Denny, that guy looks like Kirk Cameron.' I went home and promptly forgot about it 'til my mom came home hours later and asked if I'd heard the rumor that the guy from Growing Pains was at the hospital. It was him. His wife-to-be's father had a heart attack and had been brought to the hospital in our little tiny town in Pennsylvania. Her dad sadly died later that night. Kirk and the people with him were very nice while in town. Someone I know did his laundry and ruined a really really expensive shirt, and he was very kind about it." (Posted: October 2000)


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