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Shaun Cassidy (b. 1958)

Joe Hardy, The Hardy Boys.

TV writer/producer.


  • Creator of Invasion and The Agency, among other primetime series.
  • Half-brother of David Cassidy, who like Shaun, isn't actually a former child star. Shaun was an adult (age 19) when his pop-singing, pin-up career began with the 1977 debut of The Hardy Boys, just as David was an adult (age 20) when he debuted on The Partridge Family in 1970. Both, however, were teen idols, hence we decided to include them in our database. We're giving that way.
  • Brother of actors Patrick Cassidy and Ryan Cassidy, neither of whom qualify as former child stars or former teen idols, and hence are not included in our database. We're not that giving.


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