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Nicole Eggert (b. 1972)

Jamie Powell, Charles in Charge.



  • Reportedly wed actor Justin Herwick in 2000. Couple estranged as of 2002. Mother of one kid, a daughter.
  • Broke three vertebrae in 1996 snowmobile accident.
  • Patrolled the beaches on Baywatch from 1992-94.
  • Got saline breast implants in 1993. Got them removed a year later on account of she thought them too big.
  • Had a clause in her Baywatch contract that dictated she fluxuate no more than five pounds from 105. (Might explain the ditched implants.)
  • Dated Charles in Charge guardian Scott Baio.
  • Formerly engaged to Corey Haim.
  • Bussed Corey Feldman in the Haim-Feldman coproduction, Blown Away.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Blonde on Blonde
    "In 1986, I was hanging out in Balboa Beach with my friends, and Nicole Eggert was there with her friends. I didn't approach her like she was someone famous. Back then Balboa Boulevard, was like a place to cruise, hang out and meet guys. We were all hanging out and in the same crowd. Let's just say she was one of the most stuck-up girls I have ever met in my life!! It did make me think years later when I found out that Scott Baio dated Nicole that hey, you never know, maybe I had a chance!!!! LOL, not to be conceited, but I am a pretty hot blonde!!!" (Posted: April 2006)


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