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"Shirley Temple at 85: Where Would She Rank as a Child Star Today" (On one of the original child stars -- for Yahoo!)

"How to Stop Child Stars From 'Going Bad'" (On Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and everyone else -- for E! Online)

"What My Kindergartner Taught Me About Gary Coleman" (On why height is no small thing to little boys)

"Gary Coleman: The Child Star Who Never Had It All" (On the late actor -- for E! Online)

"Top Five Troubles of Teen Stars" (On what ails the Miley Cyruses of our pop world -- for E! Online)

"Five Saddest Child-Star Stories" (On defining child-star moments almost as sad as suicide of Dana Plato's son -- for E! Online)

"The Real Curse of the Child Star" (On why it's cursed to be "cursed" -- for E! Online)

"Life Is but Brett Favre and Zac Efron, Strutting and Fretting Their Hours Upon the Stage..." (On the curse of teen idoldom)

"When the Studio Gate Swings Shut" (On David Archuleta and the child-star ride)

"Misty, Water-Colored Memory Merchants..." (On nostalgia shows)

"No 'Small Wonder': The Legend of Jerry Supiran" (On why it can be good to get lost)

"From JTT to JB" (More on teen idoldom)

"Jodie Sweetin's Cross to Bear, Costarring Keshia Knight Pulliam" (On growing up, or not)

"A Very-Important Lesson for Cindy and Topanga" (On Susan Olsen and Danielle Fishel)

"Homecoming Queens and Tatum O'Neal" (On the child-star sliding scale)

"Ain't She Sweet?" (On Molly Ringwald's fall from the heights of teen stardom)

"And So We Raise a Glass of Grenadine and Ginger Ale..." (On Shirley Temple)

"How to Rewrite Your Obit, Britney Spears" (On avoiding the cliche)

"George Clooney: What Might Have Been for Village Extra" (On the blessing of late fame)