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Kim Fields (b. 1969)

Acting/skating Tootie Ramsey, The Facts of Life.

Acting/directing/singing "Blondielocks."


  • Gave birth to first child, a son (2007).
  • Wife of actor Christopher Morgan; formerly wife of businessman Johnathon Franklin Freeman.
  • Dubbed herself "Blondielocks" upon release of 2003 album, Smooth Is Spoken Here.
  • Graduate of Pepperdine University, Class of 1990. Holds a degree in communications and film.
  • 1996 Image Award nominee for Living Single (1993-1998).
  • Underwent breast-reduction surgery at age 16.
  • Sister of Alexis Fields.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Church of the Former Child Stars
    "I was in East Los Angeles in 1996 at a church on New Year's Eve. The group was mixed--rich and poor people. The church was really full that night. The preacher was preaching about how blessed some of the churchgoers were [judging] by the cars that were parked outside. Suddenly he spoke up and said, 'I hope you ain't leavin',' to someone who began walking down the aisle. I looked to see who he was talking to, and it was Tootie [Kim Fields] from The Facts of Life. Everyone laughed, and she said, 'No,' smiling. Later I saw one of the twins from Sister, Sister in the restroom, looking at herself in the mirror. I didn't talk to her at all. The other sister was somewhere nearby." (Posted: January 2005)
  • Sister, Sister
    "My sighting was around 1993-1994. Our local radio station here in Chicago was throwing their "Turkey Bash," a concert with about five-six popular acts. I got up to the V.I.P. area ... It was only myself and a couple of other people in the balcony when a group of people came in and asked if they could use my table. (I was the only one at it.) I said sure, paying more attention to the concert than who just walked in. I made a few comments to Alexis [Fields] regarding the concert, but didn't recognize her right away. However, after glancing over to my left I did notice Kim [Fields]! She was looking great. We all enjoyed the concert and I introduced myself when it was all over and said I hoped she had a good time then went on my way. She was very pleasant as was her sister." (Posted: November 2001)


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