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Dan Frischman (b. 1964)

Arvid Engen, Head of the Class.

Favored character actor of two all-powerful Head of the Class alums.


  • Borderline child star. Was just shy of 18 when he earned his first prime-time credits, and was 22 when his ticket to TV Land immortality was punched, courtesy Head of the Class.
  • Appears frequently in shows, including Kenan & Kel, produced by Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider, Eric Mardian and Dennis Blunden, respectively, on Head.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Arvid Gets Physical
    "I live in NYC and was walking home from work. Right about 40th St., this voice -- haunting, familiar, delicately nasal -- floats in the air next to me. I know this voice like I know my own. Who could it be? An old college friend? A former high school classmate? An ex-lover, perhaps? I turn to face the voice -- it's Arvid [Dan Frischman] of Head of the Class fame! He looked like he was at least in his mid-thirties, dressed truly dorky (comfortable shoes, ill-cut -- but not too short -- tan pants, bland polo shirt), as opposed to the heightened TV version of dorky (a la Steve Urkel). He was talking about -- get this! -- how many squats he did in the gym that day." (Posted: January 1999)


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