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Darlene Gillespie (b. 1941)

Mouseketeer, The Mickey Mouse Club.

Convicted felon.


  • Charged in 2005, along with husband Jerry Fraschilla, of defrauding a law firm of $317,000 by placing a false class-action lawsuit claim.
  • Sentenced, in 1999, to two years in federal prison for a securities fraud scheme.
  • Convicted, in 1998, of conspiracy, securities fraud, mail fraud, obstruction of justice and perjury. Fraschilla, who was also charged, pleaded guilty to 21 counts of fraud.
  • Sentenced, in 1997, to three years probation, along with Fraschilla, for shoplifting four men's shirts.
  • Sued Disney in 1990 accusing the company of cheating her out of MMC royalties, and alleging founder Walt reneged on a promise to make her "well-known artist."
  • Worked as a registered nurse post-MMC. Known as "Mouse Nurse" to coworkers.
  • Starred in her own Mouseketeer serial, Corky and White Shadow.


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