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Missy Gold (b. 1970)

Katie Gatling, Benson.

Psychologist, per


  • Worked in the Los Angeles Police Department's forensics division, circa late 1990s, per a tipster.
  • Graduate of Georgetown University.
  • Sister of Brandy Gold and Tracey Gold.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • It's A Small, Strange World After All
    "[Missy Gold] now works for the Los Angeles Police Department in the forensics department, if I'm not mistaken. In fact, her father [talent agent Harry Gold] handles many clients including the rumor-deceased Scott Baio!!!! When rumors of his client's death got back to him, Missy's dad called his daughter at the police department, figuring if this were true she [would have] heard about it." (Posted: February 1998)
  • Yes, But Now She Inexplicably Answers To "Kraus"
    "As a child I was obsessed with Missy Gold and Tracey Gold and watched every show they both ever appeared on, as well as reading every article ever written about them. I've since gotten over my childhood obsession but was thrilled nonetheless to ring up a purchase for Missy Gold [at the store where I work]. ... She had very short, blonde hair, wore no makeup and was dressed in a tank top and shorts. All of her ID called her 'Melissa Gold,' so she seems to have shed her childhood nickname." (Posted: January 1998)


  • TV Tome: Benson
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