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Billy Gray (b. 1938)

Bud Anderson, Father Knows Best.

In alphabetical order: (1) Inventor; (2) Motorcycle racer.


  • Created the Love 'n' Thumb Self-Massager, which is not what your dirty mind thinks it is.
  • Settled a libel suit in 1998 against Leonard Maltin, compelling the movie buff to publicly apologize for erroneously referring to Gray as a real-life drug addict in a review of the 1974 film Dusty and Sweets McGee. The offending blurb appeared in the 1974-1998 editions of Maltin's popular film guide.
  • Arrested in 1962 for possession of "marijuana seed and residue," arguably the first drug-related former child star bust. Served more than a month in jail. Claimed incident ruined his acting career.
  • Nominated, at age 21, for the 1959 Emmy for Father Knows Best.
  • At age 13, appeared in 1951 sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still.


  • TV Tome: Father Knows Best
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