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Jackie Earle Haley (b. 1961)

Unconventional teen actor of Bad News Bears and Breaking Away fame.

Unconventional, Oscar-nominated character actor.


  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscar for turn as child predator in Little Children, one of two 2006 movies that marked his first screen appearances in more than a decade (2007).
  • Gave up acting in the 1990s to run a film/video production company in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Post-Hollywood and pre-San Antonio, worked as a "limousine driver, security officer, pizza deliveryman, furniture finisher" and golf-ball shagger, per 2006 New York Times profile.
  • Sought out for 2006's All the King's Men by star Sean Penn and writer/director Steve Zaillian.
  • Doesn't do interviews about his Kelly Leak past: "You tell me, have you ever seen a 'Whatever happened to' where they seemed anything but pathetic?" he asked the New York Times (2006).


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