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Skip Homeier (b. 1930)

Tomorrow, the World!



  • Sometimes billed as "Skippy."
  • First played Tomorrow, the World!'s Nazi bad seed on Broadway.
  • Worked steadily as an adult actor in TV and film through the 1970s, including a role in 1966 space-hippies episode of Star Trek.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • From the Desk of the Editor's Mother...
    "You forgot about Skip Homeier. He was called Skippy Homeier when he was a kid and then changed to Skip as he got older. He's the one who called your Aunt Laura up on her 16th birthday. She nearly fell over -- she was down on her knees, and her girlfriends were yelling. He was doing a play on Broadway and Aunt Florence got in touch with him and he called her during her party. It was something." (Posted: December 2003)


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