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Dennis Hopper (b. 1936)

Johnny Guitar, Rebel Without a Cause.

Actor, specializing in mad bombers, alcoholics and helium-inhaling lovelies.


  • Twice nominated for an Academy Award--the first time for 1969's Easy Rider (Best Original Screenplay), and later for 1986's Hoosiers (Best Supporting Actor).
  • Ordered to pay actor Rip Torn $475,000 in 1997 to settle a defamation of character lawsuit. Torn was upset Hopper had said on The Tonight Show that he, Torn, had pulled a knife on him, Hopper, on the set of Easy Rider. The judge ruled that it was Hopper who pulled the knife on Torn.
  • Married to Mama Michelle Phillips for eight days in 1970.
  • Arrested about as many times as he has married. (Phillips was the second of his five brides.)


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