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News, info, commentary on Hollywood's former child stars | Joal Ryan, Editor

New and Noteworthy

Nick Stahl is missing. Amanda Bynes is going through a rough patch. Lark Voorhies is trending because people don't think she should look like what she looks like. (Thanks a lot, people.) But, no, child stars aren't cursed. (And, no, I'm not being ironic.)

Us Weekly digs up a blog post from Mara Wilson that is worth reading. Especially if you were waiting for Mara Wilson, now a writer, to star in Matilida 2.

For a long while, this site—and this site's readers—have asked the question, "Whatever happened to Jimmy Baio?" A potential answer has arrived from a tipster. I've looked at the lead in question, and while I have yet to confirm its authenticity or authorship, I like the idea. I like the idea that what happened to Jimmy Baio is what happened to most of us: He got on Facebook.

Five teen idols who came out before Kristy McNichol—an article I wrote for E! Online.

What my kindergartner taught me about Gary Coleman.

As far as I know, Coleman's ashes have been in limbo for

Here's my E! Online coverage of Coleman's life and death, and my takes on the saddest child-star stories and top teen-star troubles.

More on the whys and wherefores of former child stardom in Essays.

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