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Real-life encounters with former child stars, or so we're told ...


(Entries alphabeticized by last names.)


PHILIP PALEY (Land of the Lost)
He Also Walked Upright
From Pepper: "It was at this now-defunct Wolfgang Puck restaurant on the Westside, a few years ago. The kid who played Cha-ka [PHILIP PALEY] was the barkeep. ... He still looked like Cha-ka, but less hair." (POSTED: FEBRUARY 1997)

BUTCH PATRICK (The Munsters)

  • Sometimes You Want to Go Where Every Munster Knows Your Name ...
    From Coby Bucken: "I was at a bar called Spinners in Union City, Georgia, and had a drink at the bar when a guy sits down next to me, and, lo and behold, it's Butch Patrick. Anyway, I knew who he was and we talked about his life and mine. I bought him a drink and he bought me one. We talked for almost a hour. I always liked his show and he's a nice guy." (POSTED: MARCH 2002)
  • Some Habits Die Hard
    From "About a couple of years ago at a sci-fi convention in Dallas ... I was getting a comic book autographed, when lo and behold, right behind me in the dunking booth was none other than Eddie Munster [actor Butch Patrick]. He was coaxing the ball-thrower to dunk him, which to my delight [the guy] did. I think [Patrick] was selling his werewolf doll [Woof-Woof], the type he was always carrying with him on the show." (POSTED: MARCH 1999)
  • There Are No Small Roles, Only Small Hands and Socks
    From "A couple years ago I was leaving a grocery store and happened to glance at the community cork board. There was a flyer announcing that Butch Patrick would be performing at one of the community centers. He was doing a comedy routine involving puppets." (POSTED: JUNE 1998)

    RADAMES PERA (Kung Fu)
    Of Course, There Was That Incident With The Nunchuks
    From "The only child star I have ever met was Radames Pera, who played Young Caine in ... Kung Fu. My childhood chum was Korean, and he was one of the rubber bald-wigged extras in the castle scene. ... I got to wander around unsupervised on the Warners lot. ... I played cards with Pera [and] as I recall he was a sportsman and did not cheat or cry when he lost the hand." (POSTED: MARCH 1997)

    DANNY PINTAURO (Who's the Boss?)

  • Right Answer
    From Ralph Wiggum: "I saw Mindy Cohn (The Facts of Life) AND Danny Pintauro in the SAME PLACE! They weren't together. It was at a punk rock show in New York by a band called Hollywood Superstars -- a guy in the band was also rumored to be a child star, although I don't remember him. I went up to Danny and asked him, "Who really WAS the boss?" He said, "Tony." (POSTED: JANUARY 2002)
  • Would You Like a Belt With That?
    From "A year ago I read an item in a gossip column stating that the lil' boy from the Tony Danza/Judith Light sitcom, Who's the Boss, was working at the Gap in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. ... I just happened to be in town for Presidents' Day weekend so my boyfriend and I made the pilgrimage to see if he did work there. Well, when we strolled into the store who did we see shaking his butt behind the counter but Danny Pintauro?" (POSTED: JANUARY 1999)

    DANNY PONCE (The Hogan Family)
    Not As Much As It Probably Kills Him
    From "In the spring of 1996, I lived in North Hollywood and had one my first celebrity sightings--Danny Ponce, one of the twin brothers on Valerie's Family [later, The Hogan Family]. I happened to attend a party of a friend who was friends with Danny. [Ponce] looked pretty much the same, although he had cut the nasty mullet hairstyle he wore on the show. ... I always remember overhearing him say, 'I've made money and lost money in this business.' That always killed me."

    ALISAN PORTER (Curly Sue)
    What Becomes a Moppet Most?
    From Michael Morillo: "I work in a casting office. We are casting a new series on MTV. I was plowing through submissions as usual today. I was reading a submission letter and noticed a name on one that said Alisan Porter. I thought 'Hey, isn't that Curly Sue?' I looked at the head shots and, OH MY GOD, it was Curly Sue. I guess she is back on the acting scene. [Recently cast as an understudy in the Broadway production of Footloose -- The Eds.] ... I showed the producers and the casting director of the show Alisan's picture. Everyone was shocked that it was her. I am glad to say they were all open-minded about casting her in something in the future. The role she was submitted for -- a young psychic -- had already been cast, but I have kept her headshot and contact details on my desk for future roles." (POSTED: DECEMBER 2000)

    MARC PRICE (Family Ties)

  • Dissing Skippy
    From Eric Cowper: "One night in 1991, my friends and I were priviledged enough to invite Marc Price to go clubbing with us after seeing him in a standup comedy show. He accepted the invitation and followed us to a dance club in Atlanta. After a short time, we realized that we had made a huge mistake. This guy was exactly like his irritating character on Family Ties! We soon ended up ditching him at the club. (POSTED: MARCH 2002)
  • The Indignity of It All
    From "I am a filmmaker specializing in animation. Last year, I worked on an animated short directed by a friend of mine. ... One of the festivals the film played at was Montreal's Just for Laughs festival. Since we had made the film, we were given star passes, allowing us access to all the special festival events, just like all the other performers. ... One of the parties we went to was being hosted by Comedy Central. ... Half the people there were big-name stars, the other half were the people who got them their jobs! Needless to say, nobody there was interested in speaking to us. While I was knocking back the martinis and munching on Fruit Loops, I began to hear an altercation taking place. I looked toward the door and who did I see but Emmanuel Lewis and the guy who played Skippy on Family Ties [Marc Price]. They had tried to crash the party, but having no invitations, were being forcibly ejected by the hotel's hired security. I never thought I would ever have been invited to a part that Skippy and Webster weren't cool enough to attend. Hell, they even allowed ex-Monkee [and Circus Boy] Mickey Dolenz in!" (POSTED: APRIL 1999)


    ANTHONY RAPP (Adventures in Babysitting)
    Quite the Rapp Artist
    From No44ns864962: "In 1988, I attended a production of John Guare's Landscape of the Body at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. [Anthony] Rapp played the teenage boy whose mysterious unsolved murder is the main subject of the play. My memory's a little vague on where exactly I met him, but I think the situation was that there was a sort of lounge off the main lobby of the facility (which contains more than one theatrical space), where audience members and cast members were encouraged to mingle after the performance. Out of curiosity I decided to loiter there for a few minutes. After a short time Rapp came in talking rather animatedly with an adult man (I think it may actually have been the show's director). This was around the time the movie "Little Nikita" starring River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier had been released, and Rapp was commenting on the fact that River Phoenix's character in the movie was the real protagonist of the story, and yet he was not billed as the main star (of course, Poitier was). And [Rapp] was making some more general point about how this was the way Hollywood tended to treat young actors, billing them as if they were supporting players even when they actually had starring roles. I listened to him for a little while -- it was actually quite interesting to me -- then joined the conversation. ... I remember that he was very polite and courteous. And smart." (POSTED: MARCH 2002)

    NEW!! MASON REESE (Underwood Deviled Ham spokeskid)
    Life's a Borgasmord
    From Ron in NYC: "Just saw him today in the Verizon store on Broadway and 82nd St., [in] Manhattan. Poor guy. Looked totally lost, though that could have just been because it's hard to pick the right cell phone plan these days. He's about 4', 6" or 7", morbidly obese, and doesn't seem to care much about grooming." (POSTED: SEPTEMBER 2002)


    FRED SAVAGE (The Wonder Years)
    My God, It's Just Like a Twilight Zone!
    From Dodai Stewart: "I saw Fred Savage at a bar at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Interestingly enough, i saw Saved By the Bell star Mr. Belding [actor Dennis Haskins] the same night, same hotel, different bar..."

    MICHAEL SCHOEFFLING (Sixteen Candles)
    If He Was a Carpenter, and You Were His Lady...
    From Anonymous: "I live in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and am as star struck as anyone else. We were in the middle of remodeling our home a few months back and looking for new furniture. We went to a couple of places and found nothing to our liking. Then we went to a third place. As my parents were looking around I saw this guy in the back of the store and almost fainted. It was Michael Schoeffling, the guy who played Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles. I immediately knew it was him because I've seen the movie more than 100 times (literally). He gained some weight and looked older, but I knew it was him. I wasn't going to but I knew I might never get the opportunity again. So, I casually approached him and asked him if his name was Michael Schoeffling. He laughed and said it was. I couldn't believe it. I told him how much I loved Sixteen Candles and how I wish it were real life for me. I asked him why he was now a carpenter instead of an actor in Hollywood, and he said that he knew movie roles were getting more difficult to get so he decided to move back to Pennsylvania and start his own business. He now makes his own furniture. ... I only got to talk to him for a few minutes because my parents were ready to leave. It's like a dream because he was so nice and I never ever would have believed I would have met a celebrity in Pennsylvania. And he was such a nice guy." (POSTED: AUGUST 2001)

    SCOTT SCHWARTZ (A Christmas Story, The Toy)

  • Sometimes Silence Really Is the Best Policy
    "Last Saturday, I was at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix to see the Diamondbacks play the Cubs. My husband and I went through the gates and -- low and behold -- walking toward us was Scott Schwartz. I knew for sure it was him, because I had just seen The E! True Hollywood Story about him, and how he ended up doing porn. I do not want to be mean, but he definitely fits the stereotype of cute kids who grow up to be anything but. I thought about saying something, but I didn't." (POSTED: AUGUST 2001)

    RICKY SCHRODER (Silver Spoons)

  • Of Course, This Was Before NYPD Blue
    From en© "I used to live in So. California about eight or nine years ago -- Riverside, specifically. Once, about eight buddies of mine just returned from the beach and stopped at a McDonald's or a Burger King for some good ol' fashioned junk food. This limo drove up and Ricky Schroder hopped out and started ordering. ... I have no clue what it was he ordered. Whatever it was, they couldn't produce it for him. ... He threw a hissy fit like you've never encountered in your life. [Schroder], who was around 15 or so, started cussing and screaming like nobody's business. My buddies and I started laughing at him and calling him a bunch of names because he was acting so stupid about it. ... So, the counter-server guy walked in and Ricky started cussing at us -- we laughed even harder. The limo dude grabbed Ricky by the arm and escorted him out of the place. Once he left, the whole restaurant doubled over -- laughing their heads off. It was great!" (POSTED: JUNE-JULY 1997)

  • Did You Hear About the One About Ricky and the Bagpipes?
    From "This was a couple of years ago, pre-NYPD Blue. My folks were in Charleston, SC, for a Marine Corps reunion, when my mom noticed a tall, blond young man who looked vaguely familiar. But she couldn't place [him]. The next morning, she heard an awful racket coming from the lobby. Going downstairs to investigate, she noticed the young man, who she then recognized as the kid from Silver Spoons, practically trapped in the lobby by a horde of bagpipe players who were checking in for their convention." (POSTED: 1999)


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