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Janet Jackson (b. 1966)

Baby-faced youngest member of the Jackson clan who originally made her mark as a child actor in Good Times.

Superstar pop singer still living down 2004 Super Bowl flashing incident.


  • Right breast exposed to the half-time audience of Super Bowl XXXVIII due to a "wardrobe malfunction." CBS hit with record $550,000 fine as a result.
  • Five-time Grammy winner.
  • 1993 Best Original Song nominee for "Again" from Poetic Justice.
  • Paula Abdul's career--her fault. She hired the former Lakers Girl to choreograph her early videos.
  • As a teenager, played Willis' girlfriend, Charlene DuPrey, in several episodes of Diff'rent Strokes from 1980-84.
  • Secretly married and divorced marriage twice. Secret husband No. 1 was James DeBarge (1984-85) of the pop group El DeBarge, followed by secret husband No. 2, Rene Elizondo (1991-2000).
  • Sister of Michael and various other lesser Jacksons.


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