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Lance Kerwin (b. 1960)

Wide-eyed James Hunter, James at 15.

Been-there, done-that drug counselor.


  • Working at Christian-based live-in rehab camp, U-Turn for Christ, in Perris, California (circa 1999).
  • Worked in real estate in Hawaii.
  • Last appeared on screen in 1995's Outbreak.
  • Arrested in 1989 on suspicion of cocaine possession.
  • Told Star magazine he started smoking marijuana at age 9.
  • Lost TV virginity in groundbreaking 1978 episode of James at 15 (then James at 16). Per Alex McNeil's Total Television, network censors nixed the use of the word "responsible," a euphemism for birth control.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Yes, Virginia, There Is a Lance Kerwin
    "I was working at Mrs. Fields on Chestnut Street in San Francisco as an after-office-hours job to get free cookies (I had the munchies), and guess who walked up and started gobbling down huge amounts of the samples on a tray on top of the counter... I recognized him immediately. I had been the biggest fan of the James at 15/16 series. My name is even James. I was that guy, so excited and enthusiastic about everything and anything, so exuberant and ready to dive into whatever came next. Anyway, I had a large group of customers who were trying to place orders for cookies, but I completely ignored them, and said to Lance, "I was a big fan of James at 15." Then, I (again ignoring the brood of clamoring 50-year-old ladies that were swarming for fresh-from-the-oven cookies) grabbed a bunch of various kinds of cookies that I thought he would like -- i.e., semi-sweet, with and without nuts, whatever was there in front of me, I don't remember -- and handed them to him for free. He had been nervously pacing back and forth from left to right and back again in front of the counter the whole time. He grabbed the bag and was gone... I was not at work the next day, but when I did return after my day off, my boss casually said...that someone had stopped by and left something for me. Did I mention that it was Christmas? Well, it was. Lance Kerwin had come back to the store the day after I had given him some cookies, and asked about me, and when he found out that I wasn't there, he signed a Mrs. Fields bag: "To Jim, Thanks for the cookies, Your Friend, Lance Kerwin. P.S. Merry Christmas!" (Posted: December 2007)
  • The Bible on Kerwin
    "Lance and I [be]came good friends. He's still involved with U-Turn for Christ, and works as a full-time minister at a local church in California. He is happily remarried, and has three kids now. His heart is with serving the Lord." (Posted: April 2006)
  • "Aloha" Means You're in Real Estate
    "Four years ago, I was on my honeymoon on the island of Maui and, in exchange for some discount coupons, we agreed to go to a time-share introduction. When it came time for us to sit down with our own personal representative, it was none other than Mr. Lance Kerwin. [He had] a bit less hair than I remembered, but he readily acknowledged who he was. As I was a TV child of the '70s, he was willing to talk about the past. He said he was still in the business some -- doing bit parts -- and he was telling us that he had just finished up a part in the movie Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman. When the movie opened, my wife and I went, in part, just to see if we could recognize Lance, and sure enough he shows up and dies in the first two minutes. I looked for a credit at the end but either missed it or it wasn't there. ... P.S.: We didn't buy the time share." (Posted: March 1999)


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