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Charlie Korsmo (b. 1978)

The revenge-seeking Can't Hardly Wait nerd known as William Licther.

The Young Republican known as Charles Korsmo.


  • Graduated Yale Law School (2006).
  • Signer of a letter supporting the U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito Jr. (2006).
  • Staff member for California G.O.P. Congressman Christopher Cox (circa early 2000s).
  • Manager of the Fighting Cox, Cox's Congressional softball team (2003).
  • Worked at the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Graduated Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in physics (2000).
  • Made Hollywood name in Dick Tracy (1990); quit Hollywood after Hook (1991); quit Hollywood for good after Can't Hardly Wait.
  • Made film debut, at age 11, in Men Don't Leave (1990).


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