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Emmanuel Lewis (b. 1971)

Webster Long, Webster.

Happy man.


  • Giggled profusely on 2003 WB reality show, The Surreal Life, his first prime-time series since Webster ended in 1987.
  • Frequently plays himself in TV shows, movies.
  • Graduate of Clark Atlanta University, class of 1997. Holds degree in theater arts.
  • Measured in at 36-inches tall when cast, at age 12, in Webster.
  • Is shorter than Gary Coleman.
  • Black belt in karate.
  • Friend of Michael Jackson.
  • Attended American Music Awards in mid-1980s with Jackson and Brooke Shields.
  • Got Webster based on strength of commmercials for Jell-O, Burger King and more.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • A Happy Man
    "Met Mr. Lewis and chatted with him at some length last night at Mix, a (very good) restaurant/bar in Brookhaven, a neighborhood in Atlanta. (I understand he is a friend of the restaurant's owner.) He was very pleasant and when I asked him how he felt about being recognized/asked for autographs and the like, he stated it did not bother him at all." (Posted: May 2006)
  • The Surreal Life Lives On
    "I was in the Atlanta airport returning from a soccer tournament in Houston with my team when Emmanuel Lewis walked by us in baggage claim. Four other girls and I followed him to the end of the terminal and asked him for autographs in our notebooks. He spoke softly and was really nice. He also took a picture with my friends and I. It was a pretty surreal experience." (Posted: June 2005)
  • Brush with Semi-Greatness
    "Friday, November 23, 2001. Sitting in the Hartsfield Atlanta Airport waiting for my plane. Saw Emmanuel Lewis walk through the gate area." (Posted: December 2001)
  • The Velvet Rope Works in Mysterious Ways
    "I am a filmmaker specializing in animation. Last year, I worked on an animated short directed by a friend of mine. ... One of the festivals the film played at was Montreal's Just for Laughs festival. Since we had made the film, we were given star passes, allowing us access to all the special festival events, just like all the other performers. ... One of the parties we went to was being hosted by Comedy Central. ... Half the people there were big-name stars, the other half were the people who got them their jobs! Needless to say, nobody there was interested in speaking to us. While I was knocking back the martinis and munching on Fruit Loops, I began to hear an altercation taking place. I looked toward the door and who did I see but Emmanuel Lewis and the guy who played Skippy on Family Ties [Marc Price]. They had tried to crash the party, but having no invitations, were being forcibly ejected by the hotel's hired security. I never thought I would ever have been invited to a part that Skippy and Webster weren't cool enough to attend. Hell, they even allowed ex-Monkee Micky Dolenz in!" (Posted: April 1999)
  • Clearly, a Rootie Tootie Fresh 'n' Fruity Man
    "Well, believe it or not, Emmanuel Lewis lives about four minutes from me in ... Georgia. I see him all the time. As a matter of fact, I saw him just last night coming out of the International House of Pancakes. ... The funniest thing about him is that even though he is only three-feet all, he drives one of those HUGE Suburban trucks." (Posted: August-September 1997)


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