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Danny Lloyd (b. 1973)

Stressed-out kid, The Shining.

Pretty-cool biology teacher.


  • Middle-school instructor--or, per a 2006 tipster, assistant college professor.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Redrum Is a Sensitive Topic
    "[Danny Lloyd is] a wonderful instructor, and has a great love of teaching -- although we dare not ask him about his Shining experience. He doesn't like to talk about it." (Posted: January 2007)
  • Some Things Just Can't Be Discussed over Amoebas
    "I see Danny Lloyd a couple of times every week -- he is my biology instructor right outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Really nice and smart guy! Has never mentioned anything about himself being a former child star though." (Posted: January 2006)
  • A Shining Encounter
    "I saw Danny Lloyd at...[a] school I go Illinois. Danny changed a little from The Shining. His hair/face are the same, but he's more sexier and muscular. He was cool to me. He says [that while making that film] he was under the impression he was doing a drama, and then his mom showed him a laserdisc of The Shining some years later and he was like, 'Wow.' Danny is really cool peoples." (Posted: May 2002)


  • Picture of adult Danny Lloyd, circa 2002 (courtesy reader Chappy Taylor)
  • Danny Lloyd, Actor: The Shining
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