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Mario Lopez (b. 1973)

Buff-looking A.C. Slater, Saved by the Bell.

Buff-looking Dancing with the Stars competitor.


  • Placed second to football star Emmitt Smith in season three of Dancing with the Stars (2006).
  • Noted as a "handsome, single, and charismatic" TV personality in his official bio.
  • Married to and dumped by Doritos girl Ali Landry in the span of one month after Landry reportedly accused Lopez of being a cheat (2004).
  • Hosted daytime talk show, The Other Half, with fellow former child star Danny Bonaduce (2001-03).
  • Host of several other TV shows, dating back to the NBC kids' series, Name Your Adventure (1993).

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Now, If Only He Could Get Perfect 2 off the Ground...
    "As I was working out at the Sports Club/LA in Beverly Hills, I noticed a very good looking guy lifting weights. It turned out to be none other than Mario Lopez. Although I was quite shy to talk to him, he seemed to be really into his workout." (Posted: February 2006)
  • Undercover Disguises of the Stars
    "Last August, I was in Vancouver, BC, Canada, shopping at a bead store ... I noticed a guy who looked like Slater from Saved by the Bell, only with a cheesy moustache. I told my girlfriend, and she laughed at me. Then, he came closer, with a companion (female, long dark hair, very attractive), and I realized that it was Mario Lopez, only with a one-day's moustache." (Posted: August-September 1997)


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