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Kristy McNichol (b. 1962)

A-minus version of Jodie Foster as seen in Family and Little Darlings.

Keeping to herself, i.e., we have no idea what she's up to, and we think she likes it that way.


  • Sister of Jimmy McNichol.
  • Acting teacher, circa 2001, per
  • Most recently worked in Hollywood as voice-over actor in 1998 animated series, Invasion America.
  • Acted only sporadically after leaving cast of TV's Empty Nest in 1992.
  • Long rumored to be afflicted with manic depression, but McNichol chalked up her behavior -- including fleeing the set of Just the Way You Are (eventually finished, and released in 1984) -- to a delayed reaction to working through her childhood.
  • "Sang" in 1982 musical, The Pirate Movie.
  • Four-time Emmy nominee, two-time winner for Family for role of tomboy teen Buddy Lawrence.
  • Made primetime debut, at age 11, in 1973 episode of Love, American Style.


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