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Jeremy Miller (b. 1976)

Ben Seaver, Growing Pains.

Huge in China, circa 2005, per Shanghaiist.


  • Working as an actor and a chef in China, circa 2006.
  • As of 2005, was set to star in a Chinese film production, Milk & Fashion, about a chef and a dancing school.
  • Does not speak Chinese, per a 2006 Larry King Live interview.
  • Reprised Ben Seaver self in the TV-movies, Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers (2004) and The Growing Pains Movie (2000).
  • Attended University of Southern California.
  • Skydiving enthusiast, per 1999 People magazine interview.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Maybe It Was a BMW Having a Really Bad Day
    "My wife and I were in California last year and visited a fast food restaurant (not one that [is] nationally known), and we saw Jeremy Miller working as a shift supervisor there. We asked him how he was doing, and he told us that he was aspiring to be a chef. He looked like he was broke and we later saw him the next day driving a Dodge Omni." (Posted: August 2005)


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