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Erin Moran (b. 1961)

Joanie Cunningham, Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi.

Sometime actor, specializing in playing herself.


  • Dated Scott Baio.
  • Appeared in 2001 road-company version of Neil Simon's They're Playing Our Song with stops in Albany, New York, and Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Left Hollywood in late 1980s; resurfaced in the 1996 comedy Dear God, directed by her old Happy Days mentor, Garry Marshall.
  • Made primetime debut, at age 6, as Jenny Jones, the little jungle girl, not the talk host, in final season of Daktari (1968-69).


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  • "You Look at Me" sheet music (Love theme from Joanie Loves Chachi)
  • Resume of Robert Pierce (Bingo from Joanie Loves Chachi. Note how he doesn't mention series.)
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