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Billy Mumy (b. 1954)

Will Robinson, Lost in Space.

Multi-hyphenate (actor, voice-over artist, producer, musician, comic-book writer, etc.)


  • Member of novelty pop duo Barnes and Barnes, of "Fish Heads" infamy.
  • Recorded and produced with non-novelty pop group America, of "Sister Golden Hair" fame.
  • As comic-book writer, penned stories for The Hulk, Spider-Man and Woman Woman, among others.
  • Cameoed in 1983's big-screen Twilight Zone, featuring a redo of the 1961 episode, "It's a Good Life," which he starred in as a tyke. Reprised role for 2003 Twilight Zone series.
  • Did not appear in 1999's big-screen Lost in Space, which was just as well.
  • Costarred as Lennier the alien on Babylon 5 (1994-98). (Billed as Bill Mumy.)
  • Collaborated, in 2000, with Tony Dow on a proposed sci-fi movie, Overload, to feature a former child star cast.


  • Lost in Space Classic TV
  • The Fifth Dimension: This Is the Twilight Zone
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