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Haywood Nelson (b. 1960)

Happy-go-lucky Dwayne Nelson, What's Happening!!.

Dabbling, per this 1998 interview with the Mineola (New York) American.


  • Post-What's Happening!!, studied architecture at Connecticut's Porter and Chester Institute, and electronic engineering at New York's Pratt Institute.
  • Left college to revive his Dwayne-ness in What's Happening Now!! (1985-88).
  • Devout Scientologist.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Yet Another Nice Story
    "Last year, I posted a comment that I sold Haywood Nelson a ticket to Freeport, and here it is, 2007, [and] he and a lady, possibly his mom, came to my window at Penn Station to buy tickets (to Mineola, this time). I mentioned to him that I still had his autograph and he said, 'I remember you. I also read what you wrote online. That was very nice of you to write that about me.' I told everyone in the ticket office this was my second time selling him tickets, and I brought in his autograph the next day to show them I was telling the truth. So, Haywood if get a chance to read this, the ticket clerks at Penn Station have lots of love for you because everyone recognized you that day. He's one of the most pleasant famous people that I've met." (Posted: August 2007)
  • A Nice Story
    "As a ticket clerk for MTA Long Island Rail Road in New York's Penn Station, seeing famous people from TV and film is common. Haywood Nelson: Seen on May 25, 2006. I recognized him. He smiled, and I asked, 'Could you sign something for me while I printed your ticket?' He agreed and was very nice about it. We talked for a minute regarding the necessary train he needed to get to Freeport, and said he would be back to catch the 6:36 a.m. Babylon. Around 6:15 a.m., he came back to my window and said good morning. That was very nice of him." (Posted: June 2006)


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