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Jay North (b. 1951)

Make-life-hell-for-Mr.-Wilson Dennis Mitchell, Dennis the Menace.

Survivor of hellish childhood.


  • Claimed he suffered abuse at the hands of an aunt during his Dennis the Menace days.
  • Active in the child-actor advocacy group, A Minor Consideration.
  • Post-Hollywood, worked as a prison guard in Florida in the 1990s; shared a "last meal" with death-row inmate Bernard Bolander, per DVDTalk.
  • Also worked at a health-food store.
  • Post-Dennis, provided voice of teen-aged Bamm Bamm Rubble on Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm (1971-76).
  • Also starred as jungle-boy Terry Bowen on Maya (1967-68).
  • Makes occasional appearances on the autograph-show circuit.


  • TV Tome: Dennis the Menace
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