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Margaret O'Brien (b. 1937)

Frequently moved to tears, a la New York-stricken Tootie in Meet Me in St. Louis and illness-stricken Beth in Little Women.

Frequently called onto talk about old Hollywood studio system.


  • Has acted frequently and infrequently since child-star heyday ended in the 1950s.
  • Born Angela Maxine O'Brien.
  • Legally changed name to Margaret after being cast in first starring role, Journey for Margaret (1942).
  • Academy Award honoree, at age 12, as Outstanding Child Actress for Meet Me in St. Louis (1945).
  • Lost her miniature Oscar to theft in late 1950s. Didn't get it back until 1995, when it turned up at a flea market in Pasadena, California, she told Classic Images.
  • Put Oscar up for auction to benefit the Sacramento AIDS Foundation. Withdrew the item at the request of the Academy (2001).


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