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Griffin O'Neal (b. 1964)

Celebrity kid who occasionally acted (Nickelodeon, The Escape Artist), and more frequently appeared in the tabloids.

Less frequently appears in the tabloids. Until a certain family feud, that is.


  • Tangled with father Ryan O'Neal in arrest-prompting, gunshot-firing fight; the senior O'Neal was the one arrested and accused of pulling a trigger; the younger O'Neal was accused by the senior O'Neal of brandishing a fireplace poker (2007).
  • Fined $200 and sentenced to 18 months probation in 1987, at age 22, in connection with the Memorial Day 1986 accidental boating death of Gian-Carlo Coppola, son of Francis. Originally charged with manslaughter, but found guilty of negligent boat operation.
  • "Tried every drug on the planet," he once told E! Entertainment.
  • Brother of Tatum O'Neal.


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